Throwing stones

I’m dancing between the raindrops / Don’t wanna get too wet
I’m falling from the treetops / You better not forget
that all I had was nothing / and nothing more to give
(now) all I have is something / and something trying to live

I’m shouting from the rooftops / Can’t keep myself still
I’m drinking from the sweet drops / until I’ve had my fill
’cause I’m living yeah I’m living / and life is meant for me
Can’t be stopping dreaming / or fall out of this tree

Fading away in the dreams of reality / virtual simplicity
Augmented voracity / hopeless opacity
Fading away in the dreams of morality / wondrous symphonicity
And everyone smiles / and everyone smiles

I’m running through the quicksand / I’m sinking while I laugh
I’m throwing stones, yeah, throwing stones
Don’t catch me when I fall / Don’t answer when I call
Don’t pray or sing / Don’t mean a thing
And I’ll smile / I’ll smile / I’ll smile for you

© 2016
The Drummer Poet


Just me and you

Hey babe / Now stop those tears
Come over here / I’ll chase those fears
away forever / Just us together
We never say never

We got each other / and that’s enough
We got each other / and though it’s rough
we fight the fight / and bear the scars
We’ll hold on tight / till we see the stars

Don’t matter what they say / Don’t matter what they do
We got each other / every day
we got each other / me and you

Can’t do life alone / I’m just too damn scared
I know I need you / For life is to be shared

What are we doing / waiting for something
when we have the ‘here and now’?
Where are we going / if not looking for one thing
when we have our holy vow?

Hey babe / Now stop your crying
The rain is gone / and the sky is blue
My love for you / your love for me
It’s all we need / Just me and you

© The Drummer Poet


[verse 1]
I want the world to know // I want to let it show
that she cares about me // I’ll never let her go
I have found the one // who will take the road
and walk with me // to share the load

[verse 2]
I started out weak // couldn’t find my feet
but she took my hand // she’s all I need
Now I’m walking strong // I’m loved and see
that’s where I belong // in her arms I am free

Got my head in the clouds // and my feet on the ground
and I’m shouting out //Can you hear that sound?

She cares about me //yeah yeah she does
She’s love don’t you see? // yeah yeah because
(there’s) no reason for lies //no need to disguise
For this love is so real // and not what I feel
She cares about me // and now I am free

[verse 3]
Holding on to the past // bitterness seeds
breeding hate that would last // resentment weeds
Not letting go // I had nothing to hold
Putting up with the show // coming in from the cold

Forgave and forgiven // New eyes and new hands
This life I’ve been living // Beginning to understand
Searching for you // a journey of time
And when it’s all over // I’m yours and you’re mine

[Back to bridge, then chorus]

© The Drummer Poet

In your arms (no.2)

[verse 1]
Been so long
since you’ve been around
I keep turning my head
at the slightest sound
Times have changed
and so have we
But I need you now
to be here with me

I’ve travelled this road
for far too long
But it’s in your arms
I know I belong

In your arms
I can’t go wrong
In your arms
I’ll sing this song
In your arms
This love is safe
In your arms

[verse 2]
So make me complete
and hold me to you
Come back this way
Let one become two
And time needn’t be
a distant memory
when we’re together again
Just you and just me

[bridge 2]
At the end of this road
There’s much I’ve done wrong
But there’s one thing I know:
In your arms I belong

[back to chorus]

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 01/06/2012

Dance today, dance away

Feel that rhythm
Feel that groove
Hear the music
and begin to move

The tune it is playing
and all I am sayin’
is run with the melody
and climb with the harmony
Forget who’s watchin’ you
we’re all in the same zoo

Dance away
Dance today

Your joy
is inside
Your smile
is not to hide

Dance and sway
Dance today

One life
Once chance
One day
Tomorrow may not come
So go out and have some fun

Take a chance
Throw up your arms
Try and dance
Embrace life’s charms

Dance away
Dance today

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 09/03/2012

Do you still love me?

[verse 1]
Waiting for a sign
for some sort of miracle
to tell me which way to go

The stars do not guide me
The wind blows beside me
And forever seems a long way to know

[bridge to chorus]
I’ve walked on this path
and there’s only thing
that I want to know

Do you still love me
as I love you?
Do you still see me
the same way?

For time has come
and time has gone
Is it time
for us to move on?

[verse 2]
The coffee is cold
The dream is over
But I refuse
to wake up sleeping

I gave it my all
but it wasn’t good enough
You could see right through me
I just wasn’t that tough

[bridge to chorus]
I’ve travelled this road before
Spent all my time here before
But there’s only one thing
that I want to know

[chorus 2]
Do you still love me
as I love you?
Do you still see me
the same way?

For time has come
and time has gone
Is is time
to acknowledge what’s wrong?

[verse 3]
They say love conquers all
but that’s before
you take a fall

I don’t know anymore
who’s wrong
or who’s right

But it’s now
that I won’t give up
without a good fight

[bridge to chorus]
’cause this love’s worth saving
I’m tired of the lies
I’m laying down myself now
and taking off my disguise

Do you still love me
as I love you?
Do you still see me
the same way?

For time has come
and time has gone
Is it time
for us to move on?

Do you still love me
as I love you?
Do you still see me
the same way?

And now I’m ready
to start again
Can you forgive me?
And we’ll begin again.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 17/11/2011

Borangoma [a praise song]

The one who beats the drum
The rhythm, it comes from within

The fire rattles your bones
The drum trembles at your touch

Play for me that beat
Play for me that rhythm that moves me

Born with rhythm inside
Speak with rhythm outside

Passion and fervour surround
Promise and purpose abound

The one who beats the drum
Play the drum for me

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 09/11/2011

* Borangoma means “The one who beats the drum”