I am a rockstar

I’m standing still
Thousands chant before me
I’m feeling ill
Fans who all adore me

I raise my hand
The noise begins to ascend
They don’t understand,
for silence I apprehend

In the harsh light I perspire
and my heart beating quick
Freedom from this: my desire
I’m aware the clock and the tick

A rumble and a shaking
The stage is now alive
I’m swallowed in its aching
My destiny to now arrive

I hold no more truth
than the man in the front row
This stage holds me aloof
to the masses, I cannot go

Screaming for my touch
their hands held out to me
It’s become just too much
but for my mask they cannot see

I do the set
I leave the stage
I try forget
and never engage

Tomorrow I perform again
and the dance with the masses repeated
Bound is the truth of all my pain
in a shallow hollow defeated

One day I shall fall
down from this lofty height
And my name they won’t call,
knowing I was never right

Fools! You who dance with me!
I’m a fool peddling lies
I’m stuck with you. Can’t you see?
Can’t you open your eyes?

As my hand comes down
so does the crowd
I’m surrendering my crown
and crying out aloud

Emptiness is all I offer
Pain is all I feel
Using your emotion, fill the coffer
You don’t know what is real

Such a sad state
Worthless and used
Allow me no longer to berate
Enough of you are abused

I wipe that smile off my face
And step back out of the light
Somehow, by amazing grace,
I live to fight another night

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 08/02/2012


I am a singer

pouring from my lips
dancing with your hips
gripping every note
from the few words I wrote

I’m singing
It’s my song
I’m probably not
where I belong
But right now
right here
this is where I am
Are you listening to me?

The sweat
drenching my shirt
I can taste the saltiness on my tongue
I cannot see
for the lights
blind me
I know you are there
beyond the haze of blur and smoke

I’m dancing
I’m prancing
I’m acting
I’m performing
I’m trying to impress you
I want you to like me
I want you to love me
I will sing whatever you want

I’m just your puppet
You gotta pull those strings
and I’ll move for you
Belting out those tunes
that you know so well

As low as I am
I’m your hero
You admire me
You love me
You love everything about me
You don’t even know me

I’m a singer
I’m up on my stage
I do what I do
Don’t know anything else
It’s all rock an’ roll!

I’ll keep singing
Don’t know where else to go
I’ll keep bringing
the message of fragile ethics
bound in lyrics of lust and desire

Are you singing with me?
Do you know me?
Are you dancing with me?
Do you grow me?
Are you listening to me?
Will you show me?

I am a singer
I’m up on stage
right where you put me
The hurt disguised
so you don’t feel too bad
The emotion plagiarised
so you don’t feel too sad
I’ll sing the songs you want hear
I’ll create a world for you
I’ll take you to my high
and then I’ll come crashing down

Heaven forbid
you know my heart
Hell forbid
you know the truth
So I’ll just keep singing
It’s all I can do.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 02/02/12

I am a pianist

Tinkling on them ivories
the notes and precious melodies
rise up to the sky
kissing listening ears
with whispers of untold mysteries

As they float by
in harmonious tones
of subtlety and variety
a story unfolds with each note played

The heart sings a song
only the soul can hear
and I play on them keys
what I inside hold so dear

I close up my eyes
and smile with my face
as my fingers move
under a blanket of grace

Line after line
goes by
melody and harmony
timbre and rhythm
blending into one another
bleeding into one another

Yet, it’s still such a gentle whisper
Can you hear it?
Can you hear me?

My story unfolds
in every single note
A chord utters out the words
Arpeggios illustrate the depths
Scales form a fragile soliloquy

Sharps rise and flats fall
Major to minor
and back to major again
till the story is complete
and so am I.

I’m just a pianist
playing my song
If you knew the words
would you sing along?

I’m just a pianist
playing for you my story
My life revealed, on display,
in all its undecorated glory!

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 11/11/11

I’m Only a Painter

A little of who I am
revealed in the delicate lines
of my brush against this canvas

Every stroke
allowing a glimpse
into the very essence of my soul

I paint what I see
and I paint what I feel
it doesn’t matter
if it’s fake or if it’s real

Gliding across with colour
fine feathers of blue and gold
I’m painting my life and lover
a journey from young to old

I’m only a painter
painting my world
Using my colours
all twisted and twirled

And when the brush is set
down from the palette of dreams
and you finally get
to step back and see;

Take it all in,
this painting of mine
Drink in the colours
like the fruit of the vine
Become intoxicated
with life and with love
and behold the beauty
of the gift from above

I’m only a painter
painting your world
Using my colours
all twisted and twirled.

© MH

I Am A Drummer

I do not expect you to understand
why I tap my fingers on the table
why I constantly bounce my leg up and down
in a rhythm that only my body can produce

I do not expect you to understand
why I walk and chew at the same time
in time, with time, and take time
to work out how many steps it took me
for the length of one verse of a song

I do not expect you to understand
why I stop in mid-sentence
and listen to the dripping tap
the bird cooing outside
the rattle of machinery
the stepping sounds of someone in a rush
the wind rustling the leaves in the tree

I see rhythm all about me
I feel rhythm all around me
I sense the rhythm
I am the rhythm

I see rhythm in the way you walk
I feel the rhythm when you shake my hand
I think in rhythm
I talk in rhythm

All about me

I am a part of it
I cannot help it

I am a drummer
The beat is in my veins
Embedded into the very ventricles of my heart
with each and every beat of the liquid of life
Every pulse a reminder of my identity
my purpose and passion

I beat out a rhythm
that annoys
that argues
that fights
that upsets
that counters
that unashamedly resounds
in the hollows of empty heads

I am a drummer
and I have my rhythm
You will see it when I walk
You will hear it when I speak
You will sense it in the very words I write

Everywhere I go
I feel it
I grasp it
and hold onto every moment of time
that affords itself the opportunity of grasp
and I let myself go in the music

I am a drummer
my head filled with notes
my heart filled with desire

I speak the language of time
and the beat goes on and on
the beat is never right
and the beat is never wrong

I play out the beats I know
I play them for you
all I ask is for your listening soul
to hear my heart
and what I am saying to you

I am a drummer
it goes deeper than a feeling
deeper than a hobby
deeper than a habit

A vortex of nonsensical words
could never amount to much sense
when trying to convey something
so personal
and so powerful
that explaining it requires more than language.

I am a drummer.
The beat of life is in me.
The rhythm of my creator is in me.

It is who I am
It is who I am
It is who I am

© MH