The hidden

Behind the smile
A world full of sorrows
Behind the smile
A hundred tomorrows
Behind the smile
A soul that is aching
Behind the smile
A heart that is breaking
Behind the smile
A mask to the pain
Behind the smile
An attempt to stay sane

The tears are gone,
dried up
like the desert sand
A wordless song,
tied up
like a useless hand

‘Happy’ is but a word
‘Content’ something absurd
‘Peace’ is never heard
And the rest just follow the herd

Behind the smile
another universe erupts
And the trigger of laughter
is the knife that cuts.

© 2018 The Drummer Poet


No other love

Caressing my emotions
in the space made by two arms
and drifting through the night
’till dawn’s first whispers

I awaken myself
to find myself awake
but also asleep

I repeat my days
and travel through
eyes and souls

I speak with stardust
glittering in my teeth
and the orbits of moons
slicing my words

There is no peace here
as man searches –
praying to his gods –
flailing about like a fish on land
No hope nor respite nor redemption
or any other form of divine intervention
shall save you from this wreck

And the hope drains like a tear from my eye
because the land forever will be dry
while the clouds continue to paint
with their shadows on the walls
and to dust we return,
remaining nothing but a memory

And I awaken
and look into the eyes of my children
And therein lie
hope, heaven and eternity.
For that love speaks true to me
where no other love has.

I am revived.
I am alive.

© 2018 The Drummer Poet

Desert child

I was born from the sand
and raised as a thorn
I drank in the sun
and worshipped the moon
The stars were my friends
and the snakes my enemies

The dusty dunes
like rivers flowed
across the dry rocks
burying them under time
casting only shadows
when the sun began to sink

And when the wind blew
I could hear the voices of my ancestors
calling my name
in-between the cries of the vultures
and the sting of the scorpion

With poison in my blood
and the scars of walking
on my feet
I lay down to rest
under the shade of the Baobab tree
and wait for the sand to take me home again.

© 2018 The Drummer Poet


The writing is on the wall
but I’m singing a song
with no words

The melody is ringing
with harmonies
eminating from
a burned soul

My heart is exposed
and beating in time
to a rhythm no-one knows,
that no-one understands

Stop looking
at me
Stop following
my path
Look away
for I am not beautiful

Leave me in solitude
Forgive my silence
Bear with my distractions
and do not look at my tears

I’m just a beast
with claws and fur
I have no fancy clothes
Or the eloquent parlance
of high society

Look away
for I am not beautiful.

© 2018 The Drummer Poet

Between heaven and hell

The smile and the eyes
they grew so big
I had forgotten about the beauty
I had packed the memories away
so deep
Oh, so deep away

Jumping into the swirling waters
of delirious beauty
and where time stands still
for as long as you want it to
You’ll find me there

Don’t hold the poet guilty
for his poems
Don’t fear the words of the writer
in his stories
Don’t run
when your heart beats out of your chest

Take one moment
and savour the beauty
Take one moment
and drift into memory
Take one moment
and breathe the world around you

It’s so beautiful
and terrifying
The peace in the madness
The structure in the chaos
The hollow of the heart

even though you cry
out in the open

Just be, even for a moment,
between heaven and hell.