I’m not completely myself – For A (3)

I’m not completely myself
when I find myself without you
Strands scattered
bits pieces battered
when I’m thrust into grey from the blue

There’s a part of me here
and a part of me there
and a part of a part that’s somewhere elsewhere
A nonsensical puzzle
All mixed up a muddle
To exist without you, I would not even dare

The pieces together
They fit as a whole
Completing the picture
of one complete soul

If there’s one thing I know
If there’s one thing that’s true
I’m not completely myself
when I find myself without you.

© Matt Hains
Written: 12/06/2012


Exploring you – For A (2)

You’re a labyrinth of mystery
A palace for my dreams
The future of my history
and the smile that now gleams

A neverending staircase
on which I may explore
each room, each level, each place
each new and open door

A hallway full of mirrors
reflecting only you
For in you I see myself
for myself without you won’t do

The windows of opportunity
open each and every day
I know we’re in this unity
with whatever comes our way

I’m lost in your domain
and I really don’t seem to care
For if I do go insane,
it’s your love that took me there.

© The Drummer Poet
Written: 11/06/2012

Delicate flower – For A (1)

Grace and beauty
in ethereal femininity

A delicate flower of intricate design
An eternal jewel of incalculable value

She invades my dreams
holding me close
She whispers my name
and all is at peace

Her touch calms me
Her voice emboldens me
Her words soothe me
Her gentleness surrounds me

Her eyes allow me in
speak to me
see right through me

Her hair as soft as silk
and her skin smooth and warm
She embraces me with love
She loves me with her embrace

An inner strength
that carries us through

I shall love her eternally.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 26/04/2012