My race

Standing tall
I see the horizon
There you wait for me
My destiny

I run
but the horizon never changes
Sure, the sun will set
and the moon will rise
but the horizon

I’m standing tall
I see you, horizon
I know you wait for me
My destiny

I will run
I will run
I will run
I will run

if I never reach the horizon
I will leave earth
knowing I ran
and never stopped.
In that, I will take my peace,
I will take my rest,
I will take my satisfaction
and open my arms to the universe.

My destiny awaits
and perhaps, only in death
shall we
When I have finished
my race.

© The Drummer Poet


Shadow and Light

I hate the light
I hate the darkness

So, I live between the two

My soul stretched like the shadows
from the fire
as I watch good and evil dance
Light and dark

One eye above
One eye below
Am I drowning in the very air I breathe?
Swimming in a land of twisted confusion.

The ambiguity of my smile
shows the shadow of my soul
the hole
and the completeness of emptiness

Neither the sun nor the moon will care
and each day starts as it did before
no construct to break from other than the rising and setting
of the stars that watch painlessly from their thrones

My shadow reaches, like the flames that draw me
and the flames that touch me
and the flames that hold me
and I burn
and throw my countenance upon the ground you walk on

Never knowing what is wrong and what is right
I’ll always live
between the darkness
and the light.

That is my shadow.

© 2017
The Drummer Poet


Destined to live in the land of the blind
he mourned the loss of his eyes
the loss of his sight
and the willingness to forgive those who took it from him

Not knowing where to go
what to say
Or what to do
Dry tears fell
from the hollows that were

It was then that he realized
that, though blind,
he did not did not need his eyes
to see

The colours came back,
not as he had known them
Sound spoke a new language
Touch ministered to his soul
And he heard symphonies in the sunrise

Forgiveness rose
Like the sun on a new land
And, at peace, he could finally be
because, now, he could finally see.

© The Drummer Poet

Throwing stones

I’m dancing between the raindrops / Don’t wanna get too wet
I’m falling from the treetops / You better not forget
that all I had was nothing / and nothing more to give
(now) all I have is something / and something trying to live

I’m shouting from the rooftops / Can’t keep myself still
I’m drinking from the sweet drops / until I’ve had my fill
’cause I’m living yeah I’m living / and life is meant for me
Can’t be stopping dreaming / or fall out of this tree

Fading away in the dreams of reality / virtual simplicity
Augmented voracity / hopeless opacity
Fading away in the dreams of morality / wondrous symphonicity
And everyone smiles / and everyone smiles

I’m running through the quicksand / I’m sinking while I laugh
I’m throwing stones, yeah, throwing stones
Don’t catch me when I fall / Don’t answer when I call
Don’t pray or sing / Don’t mean a thing
And I’ll smile / I’ll smile / I’ll smile for you

© 2016
The Drummer Poet