Peaceful deconstruction

The fire calms me
For its sounds and warmth hold me
With all the power to destroy
Yet a gentle comfort for my soul

I will sit by you
And be at peace.

© 2017 The Drummer Poet


Deep Down

Morbidity forbades me speak
for with fear and wretched truths I reek
Relentlessly pursuing golden dreams
where shadows flee the light that streams

Glancing back with bitter glee
and drinking wine to forego
I stand on the divide of man and soul
and wish away all that I know

It’s darkest ‘fore the dawn,
they say
Then where’s the light borne?
I pray
’cause darkness knows no bounds
Where light is, the shadow sounds

There is only dark because of the light
And only pain because of the fight

Destiny remains destiny
and shall never be found
until I’m laid to rest with thee
deep down,
deep down in the ground.

© The Drummer Poet

The Silent Cage

It’s the switch in me
that I cannot find
The switch that drives
from sane to mad

I’m tired
living this way

Instant insane
It’s no game
I’m playing

I’m praying to stone walls
and stained glass windows
but the sound does not travel
through this prison

I see their eyes of fear
for they do not know me
How can you know a man
who does not know himself?

Though the wood splinters,
it’s my heart that breaks the most
I cry inside
for my tears have dried on the outside

Oh God, should you not show,
forgive me if I go.

© The Drummer Poet

Glittered Happiness

I stood in the sunlight
and threw up all my memories into the sky
Each one, like little pieces of glitter, reflected
as they flew about
shimmering and flickering,
dancing in the breeze about me

In each small glimmer
was a tear, or a smile
a regret, or a hope
a life, a past, a future

And as shards flew about
in a random swarm of nostalgia,
pieces gathered themselves
and began to stick to me
Each piece of perfect history
unbroken and unsealed
lay itself down upon my skin
Binding itself against me
to be bound to me for eternity

I stood with my arms
and turned and smiled,
and revelled,
while covered
in glittered happiness.

© The Drummer Poet


Connected — Disconnected — Protected — Ejected — Confusion — Delusion — Intrusion — Suffusion

Regret — I let
the past — is fast
and holds — and moulds
the present future

Progress — regress — and
minutes go by
while I count hours
the powers
that be
don’t see
it’s me

I’m wired — I’m tired
I’m wired — all wrong
I’m wired — so tired
not right
all along

© The Drummer Poet

Lost in the blue

I’m lying on my back
staring up at the sky
I’m lost in the blue
and now I’ll say why

It’s my favourite colour,
this blue that I see,
It calms down my soul
and brings peace to me

All worries and fears
are banished from sight
The comforting blue
and the warm sunlight

I’m happy down here
looking up at the blue
For I know it’s just me
and, sometimes, just you.

© The Drummer Poet