Looking up

They moved so much faster than I have ever seen
Little shades of white and grey
Cotton wool being pulled from the body
and swirling around without a care

I could not stop staring
it was beautiful
against the blue

And the wind, the power and silence
of the wind
as it whipped the white into wisps of strings and twirls
locked my eyes into a long uninterrupted gaze of imagination
and I flew

I flew up into the blue
and my body was swept about
so high
so so high
I could hear nothing but the wind

I let the wind take me
I let the wind be me
and I became the wind
I became the artist of the clouds

And I created the shapes and creatures
and movements and drama
and speed and glory

And, for a moment, I found peace away from the noise
Even though earth was just below, I was no longer a part of it.

© 2017 The Drummer Poet


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