So, who are you really?

Beneath the skin.

The gathering of all your fears
or the tears of a thousand rivers?
The summative collection of your dreams
or the reaching of tree branches?

The wrinkles surround the eyes and
a smile lifts the face slowly
Faded memories clouded with thoughts

There is joy and sadness,
clarity with confusion,
illusion with belief
and hope with hopelessness.

So, who are you really?

Behind the smile.

Tired windows to the soul
looking out into gardens of grey
and wishing for the days of colour.

Four decades. Four treasures.
Stories and memories.
Joy in the journey.

So, who are you really?

Behind the laugh.

Still a road. A long road.
Walking. Look up. Look up.

You are the the only, you are the one,
you are the special, you are the motion,
you are the brave, you are the voice,
you are the man, you are who you want to be.

You are the tree, you are the branches,
you are the leaves, you are the shade,
you are the one who will grow,
you are your roots
and the sky is your playground – fly.

You are powerful beyond your perceived limitations
You have life and life is in you
Your path is yours to choose, yours to walk, yours to change

So, who are you really?

In the quiet of the night.

Your eyes will always hide yet they will gleam
Your mouth will always speak but your heart will remain louder
You will always walk but be running when no-one is watching
You will discover your passion again, you will remember and be ignited again, you will be reunited to the love of your heart again for the rhythm of life to be heard again in your voice, your eyes, your motion and soul.

So, who are you really?

Undefinable, infinite, unfinished, a work in progress till the end of your time.

© The Drummer Poet


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