Fingers on screens
Light on eyes
Making lines in the air
with our arms

Painting invisible
with gestures
and pictures
and words that don’t even make sense

Instant generation
Instant degradation
Instant shame and humilation
at the touch of a button

Wrapping our webs of deceit
around each other
like threads of lies
embedded in a rock of unreality
forming mountains and valleys
through which rivers of heartache flow

Boiling out the truth
and pouring out the crap left over
to be pored over
and gored over
in an Instagram
or a Facebook post
or tweeting like a twit
just a little bit

Magnification of sadness
and an exaggeration of madness
We’ve all been thrown into the whirlpool
of life unreal
and we’re so (dis)connected because of it all

© The Drummer Poet


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