Asynchronous duplicity

One mouth
One voice

Two eyes
Two ears
Two arms
Two legs

Two minds

Two voices

Distinct in their evolution
and succint in their devolution
A matter for a magazine article
or a programme on wuthering differences
in ideological societal personalities
in a post-modern era of grounded individuality

Two minds make for no positive recollection of the past
and blind the eyes to the reality of present
completing a full circle of the future where
hope no longer resides

Two minds make for an unstable man
unable to contribute to mankind
and restless, for want of a better term.
Restless for imagination and ideas
Tampering with strings of fear and promises
whilst leaping across chasms of dark desires
and intense perpetuations of intelligence

in two minds.
Who can save
such a man?

Who, indeed.

© The Drummer Poet


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