Just me and you

Hey babe / Now stop those tears
Come over here / I’ll chase those fears
away forever / Just us together
We never say never

We got each other / and that’s enough
We got each other / and though it’s rough
we fight the fight / and bear the scars
We’ll hold on tight / till we see the stars

Don’t matter what they say / Don’t matter what they do
We got each other / every day
we got each other / me and you

Can’t do life alone / I’m just too damn scared
I know I need you / For life is to be shared

What are we doing / waiting for something
when we have the ‘here and now’?
Where are we going / if not looking for one thing
when we have our holy vow?

Hey babe / Now stop your crying
The rain is gone / and the sky is blue
My love for you / your love for me
It’s all we need / Just me and you

© The Drummer Poet


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