The Autumn

The colours are changing
and I find myself
looking for myself again
in a whirl of breezes and chills
and all around getting colder

My friend Autumns taps my shoulder
and I realise I’m getting older
I look up to the blue
and know where I am

Each leaf falling
like a memory forgotten
from times gone by
Landing gently, silently,
on the hard ground

The stealthy creep of Autumn
overtaking the sun and green
Moving us indoors
to be wrapped in warmth from fire
or the need to be rescued from death
most dire

Soon my breath will be visible
and darkness will greet my rising
The frost will shake my hand
and the smoke of many fires
taint the air

The orange sunset will call me again
and the bright sky at day will see me
Melancholy and wonder will blend
into a mystery to solve for another season

And I walk into Autumn,
knowing that Winter is next.

© The Drummer Poet


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