Suicide prayer

Colours blurring
melding into oblivion
as my face hits the floor one more time

The tears from my eyes
have stained this wooden floor
The wood, it seems, cries for me

Fingers with splinters
from pulling myself up
to near-standing once again
And my lips are burning
from the poison I drank
and I know, there’s no turning back

The hurt and the scars
were too much engrained
in my skin
my voice and my eyes
And the mask
did not cover my lies any more

I’m burning on the inside
An immolation of my soul
and I stare at the world
through flames of pain
I’m sinking again

God, if you’re there,
then now is your chance
to step in and save the day;
If you really do care
then break through my trance
rescue and take me away.

© The Drummer Poet


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