Touching eternity

I pressed my face
up close to the window
Crystalline droplets
making images
upon my skin

My fingers pressed hard
into the translucent surface
and I felt nothing
except the coldness of the glass

In the horizon
the clouds billowed
and bred their babies of woe
Whilst lightning sliced the sky open
with patterns akin to a Samurai sword

Slits of sunlight
skewed through the linings
of never-ending clouds
And the rain continued to assault the ground
as water bounced and flooded all around

I could not hear
nor see the wind
But I knew it was there
as trees bowed to its mighty whim
Giving up their leaves and branches
as if in worship to a higher power

I was safe
I was alone
I was kept
I was myself

And, as I stared into the distance,
embraced in the air of awe
of the power and wonder of a planet
that sustained me despite my harm,
I reached out
and closed my eyes
and everything that I could not see
made me realise
I was touching eternity

© The Drummer Poet


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