I desperately fear

I fear
that which I cannot control
I fear
that which that controls me

I fear
finding myself eventually
and realising what’s been missing
was there all the time

A vision of my future
haunts my mind each day
and knowing I have the power to change
makes no difference to my way

I’m a prisoner of myself
Inside myself I’m locked
into cages and dungeons
pits and caves
and the echo of my voice
bounces back to me in the dark
For no-one else hears my voice
and no-one else sees
the chains I’ve been bound with
and the yolk ’round my neck

They point and laugh
They mock and judge
Not knowing it’s me they’re hurting
just with words
Stones they don’t need
to make me bleed
and I’m all cut up
just hearing my name

I fear
tho’ he says ‘Fear not’.

Lord, I believe…
help my unbelief.

© The Drummer Poet


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