Satellite gunshot

Satellite gunshot
of reality to the brain
Waking the sleeper
to remind him of his pain

The speed of light
carrying the truth
Whilst those around
remain lofty and aloof

Sure-footed like a mountain goat
stepping in cracks and crevices
of dreams long-forgotten
and courting danger
like an old friend
you still do not trust
But, hope one must
or rust
like the rest of one’s belongings

Giving up or giving in
None know which is the greater sin
But persevere and then know this:
It was just one man betrayed with a kiss

The beauty of the world
surrounds you in sadness
Delivering you from your head
and the ensuing madness

Live for tomorrow
and miss out on today
For later may be sorrow
with happiness on the way.

© The Drummer Poet


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