Threaded planet

Intricate patterns
of finely woven thread
with colours vivid and intoxicating
forming a picture
of immeasurable proportions
impossible to view in just one glance

Lives intertwined
and millions of minds
Prayers and threats
offered simultaneously
whilst violence bubbles
and peace quells the storm,
the threads continue
over wrinkled folds of time
graphically reuniting
and yet also dividing

The rumble and roar
of surviving the world
becomes deafeningly silent
the further you stand away

And when all is quiet
and you’re looking down
at the grand design,
then you understand
that you’re the thread
and the reflection is you

Humanity bound
Humanity free
Humanity found
At last we can see
the thread of our lives,
the thread of our choices,
in hearing the cries
of billions of voices.

© The Drummer Poet


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