A smile on His face

i’m walkin’ on water
i’m rockin’ the boat
throwing out jackets
to keep u afloat
don’t mean to be mean
don’t mean to be shy
i’m only then seen
when looked in the sky

i’m takin’ my time
and walkin’ on over
there’s no such line
like a four-leaf clover
look at my eyes
and take in my hand
and then u realise
then u understand

i’m the captain
i’m the crew
i am trapped in
box u drew
come on down
to the ground zero
i’m not your clown
i’m your hero

and we’ll walk
u and i
and we’ll talk
low and high
for it’s truth
that you seek
go and question
you’re not weak

it’s love
it’s grace
all over
the place
and i’m lost in mystery
becoming history
and i’m dancing

with a smile on my face.

© The Drummer Poet


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