[verse 1]
I want the world to know // I want to let it show
that she cares about me // I’ll never let her go
I have found the one // who will take the road
and walk with me // to share the load

[verse 2]
I started out weak // couldn’t find my feet
but she took my hand // she’s all I need
Now I’m walking strong // I’m loved and see
that’s where I belong // in her arms I am free

Got my head in the clouds // and my feet on the ground
and I’m shouting out //Can you hear that sound?

She cares about me //yeah yeah she does
She’s love don’t you see? // yeah yeah because
(there’s) no reason for lies //no need to disguise
For this love is so real // and not what I feel
She cares about me // and now I am free

[verse 3]
Holding on to the past // bitterness seeds
breeding hate that would last // resentment weeds
Not letting go // I had nothing to hold
Putting up with the show // coming in from the cold

Forgave and forgiven // New eyes and new hands
This life I’ve been living // Beginning to understand
Searching for you // a journey of time
And when it’s all over // I’m yours and you’re mine

[Back to bridge, then chorus]

© The Drummer Poet


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