Time will tell

Painting with my words
once again
making you see and hear
feel, think and believe
or disagree or fight
Evoking and provoking
Insinuating and alluding to

Perforating along the page of your dreams
as each page is turned to reveal another
Splattering ink onto papyrus
as the shapes form symbols and gesticulations
and, eventually, most probably, perhaps, words

Drawing with an imaginary pen
upon the resources of your imagination
and filling the pool of ponder
with water from my cistern
I cycle around before your very eyes
and perform daring feats of magical mystery
with escapes and lions
tricks and trance
and, then, falling out of the air
into nothing

Do you read
‘tween the lines?
Do you breathe
the same air I exhale?
Do you fare well
till the wall blocks your path?
Do you climb
or bliss sublime
in your thoughts and memories
of perhaps a better time?

I thank thee for reading
My heart, ’tis bleeding
with words and fountains of lust
for the life I must
lead to exist
Or have I missed
the intent of my intentions.

And across the divide
I will fortify my carriage
to enter a new world
of hopeless abandon
and fly
without wings
without strings
without hymns
of sin and repentance
for the words have deemed me loyal
to my heart and disloyal to my reality

Time before
and time begone
Time awaits
and time so long
Eat these words,
digest them well
and then you’ll see
that time will tell.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 07/07/2012


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