In your arms (no.2)

[verse 1]
Been so long
since you’ve been around
I keep turning my head
at the slightest sound
Times have changed
and so have we
But I need you now
to be here with me

I’ve travelled this road
for far too long
But it’s in your arms
I know I belong

In your arms
I can’t go wrong
In your arms
I’ll sing this song
In your arms
This love is safe
In your arms

[verse 2]
So make me complete
and hold me to you
Come back this way
Let one become two
And time needn’t be
a distant memory
when we’re together again
Just you and just me

[bridge 2]
At the end of this road
There’s much I’ve done wrong
But there’s one thing I know:
In your arms I belong

[back to chorus]

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 01/06/2012


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