Winter blue and Autumn flew

I looked up into the blue, oh so blue, sky. Not a cloud in sight. The only colour over the laminate of blue was the white of my breath dancing in wisps and puffs in no particular direction.

To listen to the silence around me was a refreshing and redemptive experience to say the least. I closed my eyes to take it in. Yet I could still see the blue all around. The biting of the cold faded into the back corner of my mind somewhere as I embraced, again, my old friend Winter.

I held on to Autumn as long as I could. But goodbyes are ultimately inevitable. A sad and regretful affair, this romance with the colours changing to warm when it gets cold. But time fears none.

So, the Winter blue once again presides over the sky to embrace our way. And we continue, wrapped up in layers and pretending we’re warm. Smiling through chilled skin and frostbitten souls.  I love and I hate the Winter blue.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 22/04/2012


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