Away from here

I’m flowing
like a river
never going to stop
till that final drop
stops moving

I’m growing
like a tree
roots going deeper
Height growing steeper
than the mountain

I’m blowing
like the wind
going every which way
living in the yesterday
of my life

I’m going
away from here
to walk another road
Onwards the demons goad
for each step is painful

I’m sowing
all these lies
discontented it bleeds
like a handful of rotten seeds
in a field of dreams

I’m throwing
everything I am
at the sun and at the moon
Sure I’ll be leaving soon
Waiting for that train

I’m knowing
that one day
I’ll go to another place
saved by amazing grace
bound to earth no more

I’m owing
a debt of gratitude
repentance of immense proportions
mixed up in biblical contortions
and made to believe in love.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 19/03/2012


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