A dichotomous disposition

Between the lines
an allegory
of fear
of courage
of duality
hopelessness and hopefulness
mixed into a concoction
of arable potential

A human
like you
with dreams
and hesitations
and consternations

Blankly staring at the sun
wondering if the music has begun
Wandering here and there
in search of what?

I wish you could understand
what I am writing here
Invite you into my head
for an hour or two
Still I try to make sense
of me
of you
of everything else!

So the words pour out
from heart to pen
pen to paper
paper to heart
And what am I really saying?


Seeking truth
Desiring one way
Nothing works anymore
when I take over

Every word, every letter
deliberately placed
no chance or fate could intervene in this moment
as I write what I write before I think about what I write
Do you understand the contradiction?

 And the mirror
Oh the dreaded mirror
It never lies.
Were the mirror to reveal the state of the soul,
a sad revelation indeed!

 Can a man with two minds
only use one of them?

This dichotomous disposition is just too much.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 19/03/2012


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