A unique threat

You’re not accepted
Completely rejected
Ousted defected
Exclusion perfected

You don’t fit in
You’re just not cool
You talk too much
Make them the fool

What can you do?
It’s society’s call!
Change your self?
Can you take that fall?

I say
don’t change.
I say

Your uniqueness: a threat
Your ideas: bold statements of belief
Your voice: tornado of truth in their blustery brainless heads
Your character: building blocks of the future generations of hope
Your stature: challenging the norm without compromise

You do fit in
You fit in just fine
It’s the skew puzzle pieces
that hold the most complex colours
and fill in the gaps
for the big picture to be seen

comes from you
The future
comes from you
comes from you
comes from you
come from you

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 10/03/2012


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