Expletive denied

I change colour
to suit my mood
Fickle experiences
ruin the landscape
and terror lives
only in the night

I climb mountains
only to find
more mountains
on and on

I cherish the rare
and love what I must
but still seek
that which I do not have
‘tho I have it all

A diamond
all facets
reflecting a soul
a kind word amiss
Blasted into space with lies
and dirty laundry

Sweet as candy
the offerings of your wares
but none so satisfying
as the man in the moon promises

Romance and candlelight
burn into the night
but end with tears
and the inevitable fight
as the master and miss dance
to a song they’ve always known
but never learnt the words to

and innocent
but turned to dust
before the rust
sets in
and the gust
of wind must
blow it all away

You’re not looking up
if you’re hanging
upside down
You’re not swimming strong
if you’ve already drowned

Convention and intention
melded into intervention
and never is there contention
when the rules are obeyed
much less when one is flayed

A crown of thorns
blood poured out
Words spoken
but still
there’s doubt

It’s not enough.
It’s not enough for me.
This playpen of anxiety
and the whole lot
of miserable fools.

Walk on charlie chaplin
Keep that vigour in your step
There’s life in them legs yet.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 22/02/2012


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