I am a rockstar

I’m standing still
Thousands chant before me
I’m feeling ill
Fans who all adore me

I raise my hand
The noise begins to ascend
They don’t understand,
for silence I apprehend

In the harsh light I perspire
and my heart beating quick
Freedom from this: my desire
I’m aware the clock and the tick

A rumble and a shaking
The stage is now alive
I’m swallowed in its aching
My destiny to now arrive

I hold no more truth
than the man in the front row
This stage holds me aloof
to the masses, I cannot go

Screaming for my touch
their hands held out to me
It’s become just too much
but for my mask they cannot see

I do the set
I leave the stage
I try forget
and never engage

Tomorrow I perform again
and the dance with the masses repeated
Bound is the truth of all my pain
in a shallow hollow defeated

One day I shall fall
down from this lofty height
And my name they won’t call,
knowing I was never right

Fools! You who dance with me!
I’m a fool peddling lies
I’m stuck with you. Can’t you see?
Can’t you open your eyes?

As my hand comes down
so does the crowd
I’m surrendering my crown
and crying out aloud

Emptiness is all I offer
Pain is all I feel
Using your emotion, fill the coffer
You don’t know what is real

Such a sad state
Worthless and used
Allow me no longer to berate
Enough of you are abused

I wipe that smile off my face
And step back out of the light
Somehow, by amazing grace,
I live to fight another night

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 08/02/2012


2 thoughts on “I am a rockstar

  1. Very powerful poem. Makes me think of the Britneys, the Amy Winehouses and Kurt Cobains. Well written!


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