I am a singer

pouring from my lips
dancing with your hips
gripping every note
from the few words I wrote

I’m singing
It’s my song
I’m probably not
where I belong
But right now
right here
this is where I am
Are you listening to me?

The sweat
drenching my shirt
I can taste the saltiness on my tongue
I cannot see
for the lights
blind me
I know you are there
beyond the haze of blur and smoke

I’m dancing
I’m prancing
I’m acting
I’m performing
I’m trying to impress you
I want you to like me
I want you to love me
I will sing whatever you want

I’m just your puppet
You gotta pull those strings
and I’ll move for you
Belting out those tunes
that you know so well

As low as I am
I’m your hero
You admire me
You love me
You love everything about me
You don’t even know me

I’m a singer
I’m up on my stage
I do what I do
Don’t know anything else
It’s all rock an’ roll!

I’ll keep singing
Don’t know where else to go
I’ll keep bringing
the message of fragile ethics
bound in lyrics of lust and desire

Are you singing with me?
Do you know me?
Are you dancing with me?
Do you grow me?
Are you listening to me?
Will you show me?

I am a singer
I’m up on stage
right where you put me
The hurt disguised
so you don’t feel too bad
The emotion plagiarised
so you don’t feel too sad
I’ll sing the songs you want hear
I’ll create a world for you
I’ll take you to my high
and then I’ll come crashing down

Heaven forbid
you know my heart
Hell forbid
you know the truth
So I’ll just keep singing
It’s all I can do.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 02/02/12


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