The cave

Unto solace he gave himself
for solitude seemed fit
to be his only companion
None other would suffice
than that of the lone wind’s howl
and the cold dark stone
of the cave in which he slept

Trying to put in the past
that which was in the past
and attempting to see a future
which did not exist
He became further introverted
to the point of self-reliance
that even the sea creatures
no longer fed him

Derelict and dire
Supported by silence
Outcast from society
and civil discourses
Yet longing for redemption
in some sort of sad way

The beggar breeds poverty
and his hands remain empty
for the tool of life
remains unused in the waste
He will always have himself
and with himself will no others share
His path separated from everyone else

Punishment self-inflicted
and repentance most forlorn
Age catching up
since the day he was born

Till such time
that he feels his peace
that returns like the sun
after a wash of awakenings
His grotto shall serve him well
and keep him in his private hell.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 28/01/2012


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