Gay in your church

I have this little secret
That I think you ought to know
I’m gay, you see, a homosexual
and I thought I’d tell you so

I’ve been coming to your church
for about a year or two
Raising my hands in prayer
and singing alongside you

I’m different and aware
of what others are prone to think
But I’ve learned how to act
so we all drink the same drink

The reality is I’m scared
of what everyone would say
when I ‘come out’ in truth
and tell them I am gay

It’s not your God who scares me
I think I love him well
It’s those people that constantly tell me
that I am going to hell

You see, I know how people judge
and cast away the others
They shun what is different
even those they used to call brothers

I’ve seen how you’ve dealt
with issues like this before
You’ve told the person they’re wrong
and shown them the way to the door

All I’m asking for is simple
Accept me for who I am
Don’t judge the way I live my life
I, too, am just a lamb

God’s grace covers
what yours alone cannot
I’m not asking for forgiveness
I’m not asking for a lot.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 25/01/2012


3 thoughts on “Gay in your church

  1. Lev 18:22 “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

    Homosexuality is an abomination to God and to God’s people. You must confess your sin to God and seek His forgiveness.


    1. Hi, thank you for reading and commenting. I think you have misread this piece of writing. It is to illustrate the judgmental attitudes that some people who call themselves “christians” can have towards others, regardless of circumstances.

      The writing could easily have applied to a drug addict or a thief, there is no difference.

      The writing is from the point of view of a man who may be living in sin but who feels judged as he is trying to make sense of his life in God, like a lot of other people.

      This is not pro-gay neither is it anti-gay. Merely a piece of writing to make one think about how we treat each other in the name of God irrespective of the ‘sin’ in their life or where they are at in their journey.

      I am not gay. I am a happily married man with three of the most beautiful children in my life. Do not be so quick to judge, especially when you do not have all the information.


  2. Agreed with the drummer poet. Many who call themselves “Christians” are so quick to judge on the “bigger” more obvious issues when in fact our own lives are filled with sin: anger, lust, greed, an unforgiving spirit, hatred, judgement, lying… the list could go on & on. Yet nobody looks at someone funny/judges them in church for “having words with a spouse” or changing seats because they don’t like the smell of the homeless man next to them, or the married man glancing over more than once at the beautiful girl in front of him… SIN is SIN in God’s eyes & yet we are so quick to judge here on earth. Quite honestly there is nothing that bothers me quite as much as judgmental Christians. They drive people away from God instead of drawing them in. JESUS himself spent time with the harlots, the thieves, the sinners & He LOVED them. How can we as Christians make a difference or reach anybody for the Kingdom if we can’t see people through the eyes of God. Love the sinner not the sin!!! I applaud you for writing this honest piece & for being open to allow God’s unconditional love to be seen. I will be sending this poem to a friend I know has struggled with this for many, many years!


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