A likely predicament

I’m all boxed up
in your little world
You’re convinced of the truth
so I can only be wrong

Tell me where I should stand
if not right where I am now
Does it hurt you inside
to know I don’t agree?

Cast aside your cares,
doubts and dispositions
The liar lurks, beware
of hate and competitions

Jumping through the hoops,
you’re a well-trained showdog
Come here and take this treat
like a good little doggy

You’re living
but you have no life
You’re fighting

The sun sets
and you will see
the same shadow
cast upon us all

Remove me from your vision
the bridge burned
no turning back
no more singing now

Roll up the mat
Store up the story
in walls of concealed truths
with each brick of hopelessness
firmly cemented in lies and angst

This house no longer lives
These lungs no longer breathe
the fire you once preached
For when burned
the scars remain forever

A peaceful settlement
An unjudged person of sanity
sits and waits for your friendship
without agenda, without propaganda
without a commission, without a programme
without the lies, without the bitter sweetness

Task yourself to uncover only truth
Bid thyself to walk a pure path
of peace and goodwill
maintaining your feet
to walk on the ground
and your eyes to see ahead
whilst your hands hold
on only to who you are

My brother, my friend
this friendship should not end
I believe it we can mend
away do not me send
Gather all courage
Strengthen your heart
Unbox me

Release me.
Judge no more.

© The Drummer Poet
Written :  20/01/2012


3 thoughts on “A likely predicament

    1. Emma, always a pleasure to know what you think! Thank you and I am glad you enjoyed it! :)


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