Upon the precipice of imagination

Standing on the precipice of imagination
all that lies below me
is frozen in the chasm of disbelief

I can do anything
I can be anyone
if only for a moment

Walking through the throngs of humans
I smile at each as they pass by
but, alas, all that meets my advances
are snarls and sneers
barks and jeers
anger and fears

Response number one: Aggression
Response number two: Anger
Response number three: Violence
Response number four: Hatred
Response number five: Response number one

There is no peace down below
I daren’t venture forth
There’s no happiness you know
where pain and sadness breed together
to form little beads of sorrowful offspring

Losing hope in humanity
the cause of our calamity
Nothing new in originality
becoming just another fatality

No superman to save us now
no religion no holy cow
No-one but ourselves to blame
for this mess
I must confess
that if I said less
it would be best
for the heart in my chest
But I continue
vehemently vociferous
in a quest for conclusion
the distressed offered seclusion
I’m under a mild delusion
and, yet, I speak.

Reality calls me back
as one cannot straggle too far
before returning again

I will bend away
from the mist
from the madness
and walk my path
with trepidation
while, all the while,
seeking only light and truth
to shine on me from above
as a son of heaven.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 16/12/2011


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