Hanging with the gang

Run with us
or we’ll run you through
Do whatever
we tell you to do

Kill that man
Rape that baby
No “and’s, ifs,
buts or maybe”

You’re part of us
whether you like it or not
No choice no fuss
We’re all you now got

You’ll go where we tell you
You’ll be who we say
and if you don’t like it
we’re sure to make you pay

Freedom an illusion
Debt your closest friend
Honor between confusion
and the pain will never end

This is our gang
This is our life
Together we hang
and live by the knife

There’s no going back
Death is the door
Your soul it will crack
as your head hits the floor

Welcome to the pack
We live and we die
by words and by honour
and blood and a lie

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 16/12/2011


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