The cocoon no.8

[Haiku #33]

Widows and orphans.
Are they really my problem?
Let’s just pray for them.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 08/12/2011


8 thoughts on “The cocoon no.8

    1. Hence the sarcastic undertones in the writing and my comment. The reality is far worse than a 17 syllable haiku!


  1. I have but one question then, how can they be truly helped? Since prayer is an empty promise of sorts.


  2. A prayer is an empty promise unless followed up with action.

    How can they be helped? Food, water, clothing, shelter, being shown that someone cares.


    1. Intentions and promises, only worth while if they’re good!

      It is slightly worrying that a part of a Christian’s communication with God is knocked for the few who do have bad intentions, or none at all. How I wish no Christian was ever a hypocrite, myself included.


    2. Intentions and promises, only worthwhile if followed through I believe.


  3. Perhaps good intentions and ‘followed through’ prayer aren’t mutually exclusive, I believe they aren’t.


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