The most beautiful words (2)

I have listened to much talk
I have seen people who never stop talking
I’ve heard people use big words
fancy words
crazy words
words that don’t even exist

There are others
who don’t speak much at all
They don’t use too many words
Whether they have the words
or are just too shy to use them
I don’t know.

These are the most beautiful words:
Words that bring life
Words that bring healing to the soul
Words that bring peace
Words that convey love
Words that build up and do not break down
Words that lift the downcast
Words that brighten a dark countenance
Words that encourage and edify
Words that set free
Words that release
Words that express freedom

Choose your words.
Use them like your sword
to cut away
the negativity
the doubt
the pain
the heartache
the darkness

Words that give wings
to the heart of the soul
so it may soar above all
are the most beautiful words.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 05/12/2011


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