The politics of scallywags

I be lyin’ and deceivin’
You can trust me
as far as you can throw me

I be pattin’ ur back
whilst I sharpen me knife
and be telling ye all good
’bout what will be in your life

I’m smiling right at ya
Ye think I’m truthful don’t ya?
But I’m comin’ straight for ya
and I don’t care not one iota!

Behind ur back there I be
cursin’ and shinin’
like a bumblebee
wit no place to go

Ye would do well
to stay far away from this here soldier
’cause what goes round comes around
and ye can say that I told ya

I’m jest lookin’ out for me
ain’t nobody else here to care for
I’ll be opening them windows
while I be kicking you out the door

There are no friends here
The smiles be fake
The lies we make
‘Come my friend, my friend…’
into the oven we bake

This club ye be joining
Ye better watch out!
No sooner you’ve left
and there be laughter about

Welcome to the politics of scallywags
Leave your ethics at the door
and your truth packed up in bags

You’re in good hands
We’ll never let you go.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 30/11/2011


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