Deluded runner

Running madly
Panicked and confused
He runs everywhere

He has no idea
where he is going
what he is doing
why he is who he is

Grasping at arms around
questioning those beside him
“What is my purpose?”
“Why am I here?”

He doesn’t know.
Nobody knows.

Truth conceals itself
in jars in a cave
while he climbs mountains
and looks to the sky

Deluded and delusional
Weary and exhausted
he never stops running
the crazy race

There are no winners
Everybody are losers
But they run and never stop

The tears burn his skin now
as he falls to the ground
“Will nobody help? Can nobody help?”
he screams

But, no, no-one can
They don’t have the answers
Only more questions.

Peace distanced on the horizon
but chaos the closest friend
A shadow on a hill
in the middle of two
holds the clue
But it’s so far to travel
and he’s so thirsty from the days

He will run
He will run like a madman
flailing and stumbling
tho’ every path looks so straight

The answers before him
to the questions he shouts out
every day
So close,
and, almost unreachable.

It may take him a lifetime.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 29/11/2011


3 thoughts on “Deluded runner

  1. This is the type of poem I really love. Easy to read through yet meaningful and significant.

    Yes, no one but the runner has the answers. He just needs to stop and look. :-)


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I think the runner should stop sometime and look too…


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