’till I can drum no more

The rhythm in my bones
the fire inside me
I cannot contain it

My beat must be played
It must be heard.
From the first world
to the third

No-one has understood
the rhythm
No-one has explained
the rhythm:
the constant beat
I move my feet
I feel the heat
as the moments fleet
by at the speed of sound
and then all repeat
but it’s never complete

My rhythm:
it keeps me
it holds me
it binds me
it guides me
it hides me
it emboldens me
it releases me
it encourages me
it pushes me
it drives me
it defines me
it makes sense of the world around me
it goes on
and on
and on

Born with rhythm within
It now begins to run
with me
at the heart of it
I gain momentum
as the beat gets louder
If you listen, you will hear me

Make no mistake, you will hear me
for it is my heart that plays
not my mind
It is all of who I am in the sounds you hear
The patterns created by each note
is me
The tempo and crescendos
are me
Staccatos and accents
are me

Vocalised in sound and timing
My voice resounds like a booming drum
and echoes with my message unspoken

For my passion is the beat
and the rhythm is my passion
So I’ll keep drummin’ drummin’ drummin’
’till I can drum no more.

© The Drummer Poet
Written on 23/11/11


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