The spider and I

There’s this spider
outside my window
every evening
Not a particularly pretty one
but I don’t think he cares much for his looks

Every night as the sun goes down
he sets to work
stringing and building
looping and threading
a magnificent masterpiece of a maze
a deceivingly deadly and dire domicile

The web complete
he scuttles across the fine silvery threads
right into the center of the hub
he waits…

He is so patient
as he waits
He does not hunt
or run about
or jump up and down
or shout for the bug to fly into his trap
He simply waits.

His waiting is his wisdom
’cause sooner or later
some bug will venture through the air
and straight into the anticipating web
so ready and so fine
so pretty and so fulfilling

The rest, I do not see
I look away for fear
the spider looks upon me
and forgets his size and place
and makes for himself
me the target of his appetite!

So, we live together,
the spider and I,
in a nightly ritual
of hide and seek
as he feasts on silver
and out through the curtain I peek

One day, I shall name him,
but only
when I dare step t’wards him
in boldness and without fear
But for now,
I think,
I’ll just stay right here.

There is something to learn
from this new friend of mine:
Webs of deceit
require patience and time,
for the soft thread may be bending
but truly viscid is the ending!

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 20/11/2011


3 thoughts on “The spider and I

  1. Thanks….. I needed to be reminded about this hideous thing living outside…. Ugghhh! It’s a miracle he’s still alive, I wonder if I’ll leave him that way until you name him!?


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