A human emotion
captured in rhythm
discovered in a heartbeat
written down in a word

A word?

Can one capture beauty
and entertain it thoughtlessly?
Can one fly through the mists of imagination
to behold perfect recollection thereafter?

The carnality of culture
The secluded shelter of safety
The mystical Mayan mazes
The artifacts of ancient agora

Humanity is all around us
We are what we desire to become
We become what we do not desire

In some cruel ironic twist of destiny
holding some magic darkness
its hand guiding us to destruction
we leap into the unknown of unknowns
and desperately flail at reeds of truth around
hoping for reason to take grasp of our hands
and pull us to safety

Are we?
The first response is preservation of self and no other.
Are you?
The first reaction is aggression and aggress.
Culture divides and the perceptions of reality colour us all differently.

I suppose we should caress our dreams?
Be kind to our future selves?
Aim higher than what is measurable
to be held by grace?
Our own standards will become unobtainable
and thus disqualify us from any race worth living

Hunting for the key for freedom
may take a lifetime
But a lifetime is a small price to pay
for eternity.

Made in the image of God?
Are words enough for you?

hUman is you.
Discover yourself.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 20/11/2011


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