Beside the pond

Took a stroll
alongside the pond
we used to go to
when we needed to talk

But this time
it was just me
and I had no-one
with which to walk

It was cold this day
I could see my breath
floating around my head
like wisps of warm winds

I spoke to you anyway
You must have heard me
It was just me, you
and the ducks

I told you everything
I never got to tell you
Just had to
get it off my chest, you know?

I threw some breadcrumbs
into the cold rippling water
disturbing the reflections
of a time gone by

The geese came by
as they used to
and fought over
the smallest crumbs,
as we used to

I waited, quietly,
as if an answer would suddenly arrive
out of the blue
in some sort of audible
tangible manifestation

But, nothing.
Just me
and these ducks.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 18/11/2011


One thought on “Beside the pond

  1. Such a beautiful picture. I could imagine the water, the chill in the air and those ducks! And, yes, the sadness. Very well written.


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