I am a pianist

Tinkling on them ivories
the notes and precious melodies
rise up to the sky
kissing listening ears
with whispers of untold mysteries

As they float by
in harmonious tones
of subtlety and variety
a story unfolds with each note played

The heart sings a song
only the soul can hear
and I play on them keys
what I inside hold so dear

I close up my eyes
and smile with my face
as my fingers move
under a blanket of grace

Line after line
goes by
melody and harmony
timbre and rhythm
blending into one another
bleeding into one another

Yet, it’s still such a gentle whisper
Can you hear it?
Can you hear me?

My story unfolds
in every single note
A chord utters out the words
Arpeggios illustrate the depths
Scales form a fragile soliloquy

Sharps rise and flats fall
Major to minor
and back to major again
till the story is complete
and so am I.

I’m just a pianist
playing my song
If you knew the words
would you sing along?

I’m just a pianist
playing for you my story
My life revealed, on display,
in all its undecorated glory!

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 11/11/11


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