Bravely scared

Confusion reigns
and collusion
the king of chaos

Serendipity and fate
conquer common sense
and fantasy rides the waves of imagination

I swirl about
drinking in the colours
of contorted reality

Pushing out my tongue
at the world about mine
half-brave half-scared

Thumbing my nose
thumbing my thumb
for a lift

Driver, take me away
Take me someplace else
Remove me from the absence

Cool, calm, calculating
corrosive, candid and carnivorous
they lie in wait for me

Courage discouraged
Morals flagged down
and arrested without witness

Integrity bound with rules
that no-one could possibly follow
Integrity I ask you?

Got my gun
It’s not loaded
Under pretense it fires

All is lost
All is gained
when all is lost

One foot
in front
of the other

It is the only way.
The only way it is.
It is the only way I know.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 02/11/2011


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