There’s so much more

Deeper than my action
Thicker than my skin
More than attraction
Stronger than within

Effectual in motion
Unconditional in rhyme
Greater than the ocean
Superceding our time

Laughing and crying
Leaping with intent
Birthing and then dying
Our hearts, they must vent

Swirling in an eddie
Flowing like a force
For that we’re never ready
for it plots its own course

Desperately divine
in every way and form
and life-giving entwine
like a web anti-norm

More than I can bear
in just one heart
my soul does tear
as I do rip apart

Power and grace
intentional in gifts
undeserved my face
my countenance it lifts

Not shown in word.
Not heard in deed.
Flying like a bird.
Hasten heal with speed.
Nuclear multiplied.
Moving the earth.
Groom and His bride.
Dying for her worth.
Deeper than me.
Deeper than you.
True love.
Pure Love.

There’s more. So much more.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 26/10/2011


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