Undefined me

You won’t define me
You won’t refine me
You won’t know me
You won’t show me

You don’t see me
You don’t free me
You don’t hear me
You don’t fear me

You can’t judge me
You can’t budge me
You can’t seize me
You can’t freeze me

You got my shoes?
Well you better start walkin’
You got my blues?
Well you better start singin’

You got the answer?
Well you better start talkin’
You got the rope?
Well you better start swingin’

I’m undefined
I’m misaligned
‘tween truth and fiction
I’ve been set free
I have the key
please ‘scuse my diction

It’s me
you see
be free
in deed

Not fittin’ in your box
No chains and no locks
I’m speaking what I see
and I’m seeing what I speak
So step off from my space
and let me have God’s grace
to make mistakes and learn from them
to fall down hard and get up again.

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 25/10/2011


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