Big enough for me

Recollection and re-collection
Memories and introspection
Love and confusion blended into history
and making a mirror-lasting reflection

It’s warm and it’s cold
I’m young and I’m old
but I still have no idea
what to think or do as I’m told

Trying to capture the thread
of the past of hope and dread
while looking with open eyes into the future
not wanting to wind up dead

Inside, so many voices
outside too many choices
but only one clue
would make the journey worthwhile

Cannot explain the room I’m in
how the memories, they begin
to shape and sculpt the most wonderful stories
of whispers of me who has been

I think I shall still climb
clamber, coerce and collate
as life I behold with love
and, no longer, hate.

I’ll steal my breaths
I’ll hold onto my dreams
I’ll grab the essence for myself
I’ll hunker down in haste
and drink all that’s left

Each step forward
is one less than back
and forward I go
for where else is there?

Oh God, take me in Your hands
for they are the only hands
big enough for me

© The Drummer Poet
Written : 24/10/2011


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