Your heroes are gone

The men look like women
The woman act like men
The family’s being broken
and divided up again

Hollywood says “Jump!”
The teens say “How high?”
They suck in more lies
and don’t bother with “Why?”

The mags and the soaps
reflect a sad state
They’re turning the love
into something we hate

Our leaders we follow
we follow no more
been led to destruction
we’ve been there before

Your heroes are gone.
They exist in our dreams
So now who to follow?
There’s no-one it seems.

Your heroes are gone,
immortalised in song
perhaps in a comic book
right where they belong

Your heroes are gone.
Do you dare arise
and take up your cape
and challenge the lies?

For who do we look to
for love and for hope
if not in our own hearts
for courage to cope?

Your heroes are gone.
Society killed
the hope that once was
the weak and strong-willed

Like sheep we are herded
into corals of disbelief
and unquestioning submission
while the question burns within our hearts:

WHO will rise up and lead us out of this mess?”

You heroes are gone.
We are all to blame.
Maybe one day
we’ll stop playing this game.

© The Drummer Poet
Written on 20/10/2011


4 thoughts on “Your heroes are gone

  1. As I get to engage and interact with today’s youth, I have come to realise that so many of them have no real role models, no real heroes, no-one real to look up to to offer guidance, advice, a moral compass to follow in this messed-up world. The youth are desperately trying to assert their identity upon their world around them but they have no idea who they are and are blindly stumbling along trying to find their way by whatever means necessary. So sad that the true heroes are gone for these young people. And, yet, the challenge is there for those of us who would dare rise up and be the hero that that young person needs – to tell them there’s a better way, to tell them there’s hope, there’s love, there is a future for us all, together.


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