Before I soar again

Soaring through time

Then with extreme caution
landing gently on the petals of memory that started it all

Resting for a moment
in the haze of the hues of the past
that swirl around you like waves of dizzy dancers

Focusing on what colours could appear to be
and listening to the sounds of aural recollections of times gone by

Yes, the times have gone by
but remain stored, somehow locked way
in the deepest darkest places of our sub-cognitive subconscious

I had the key imagination created for me
However misplaced the secret unlocker of secrets

The forgotten thoughts remain mysteries
The malleable memories adjusting to make sense of time
I neither run nor hide from them any longer

It is no sin
It is no worry to reflect

Alighting from one branch of hope to the other
I move in ways of rhythm and illogical discomfort
Making sense or, perhaps, no(n)sense of my world

A short time ‘fore I soar again
and shall have no need for memories.

© The Drummer Poet
Written on 17/10/2011


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