and by those who hardly know me
Now I know
how Jesus felt
when they cried for his blood to be spilled

and placed into a box I did not create
for the sake of simplicity’s sake
because then no further interaction is necessary

by those I called friends
by those dear to me and close to my heart
and not far from me
but now such a great distance
forms the abyss that trust no longer can cross

and declared guilty
with no evidence or conviction
They don’t know me


and hurt


and broken


and alone.

But I stand in hope
and I stand in Love
I am forgiven
and judged no more.

Whereas the world will hurt,
My Father will not.

© MH
Written : 12/10/2011


One thought on “Judged

  1. I’ve been judge and jury to many.
    I’ve judged
    and been judged.
    I know what it’s like.
    I judge no more.

    For me, the crux of this poem is in the last 6 lines.


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