Crazy spin

Oh God
how much longer
to bear this?

Stupid people
Stupid decisions
Stupid paths
and careless choices

And then the dream is over
and no-one waits
at the end of the road for you anymore

Clouds fall down
Silver linings turn to black
Grey is now white
and white does not exist anymore

A dry desert
cracked from lack of water
Oh God, where is the water?

Even the birds don’t fly south
they know there’s nothing there
and the survival of the fittest
begins in the courtyard of disaster

Around, around and around again
we spin
we spin out of control
our hands are letting go
we’re letting go
but it won’t stop the spinning
and we all fall down anyway

Only light will lift us up
only pure light will gather our souls
and bind them to heaven forever!

For now we’re all still stupid.

Waiting for the crazy spin to stop
I cannot bear it for much longer.

© MH


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